Methodical recommendations "Procedure for the delivery of honey without antibiotics"

According to research data, about 50% of honey on the Russian market is contaminated with various antibiotics and other medicines.
The reason for getting antibiotics into honey and bee products is:
-treatment of bees with illegal drugs;
- violation of the rules for treating bees and pumping out commercial honey; collecting honey
- processing of gardens and fields with pesticides during the period of mass collection of honey;
- the use of low-quality materials for the construction of hives, storage and transportation of honey and beekeeping products.

At the same time, on the part of state regulatory authorities, the requirements for the presence of antibiotics in honey have been tightened, various sanctions are applied, up to the closure of export sales.

To prevent the supply of unsafe honey to the consumer market, specialists from the Research Institute of Honey and Bee Products, together with Rusprodsoyuz, developed Methodological Recommendations "Procedure for the delivery of honey without antibiotics."

The document contains recommendations on the pre-sale preparation of honey without antibiotics, methods of sampling honey, a beekeeper's guide on the production of safe honey, a memo on the organization of export delivery. In addition, standard forms of various documents (contracts, acts of selection, etc.) for participants in the "honey" chain have been proposed. The use of standard documents will allow the spread of uniform requirements for all organizations, and therefore accelerate the implementation of these requirements by market participants.

Methodological recommendations were proposed for posting on the websites of Rosselkhoznadzor, Roskachestvo, our proposal is at the stage of approval.

For the second year already, the specialists of Private Apiaries of Berestov LLC have been handing these recommendations to beekeepers within the framework of the purchasing company. The effect of this event is obvious - the volume of honey without antibiotics offered for purchase actually doubled.
Methodical recommendations are constantly updated, because the level of our knowledge on the development of beekeeping is growing, which means there is something to share to provide our consumers with a safe and healthy sweet product.
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